A Spooky Face or is it Pareidolia?

A man in the window with a baby?

Chilled to the bone, my eye kept wandering east as I walked through our own Cheesman Park. Leaves were talking in windblown trees. The cold cut like a knife. A subjective opinion of course, but this area is haunted, and that passerby might just be your imagination or is it? After all, this is part of 160 acres that was the late 1800’s Mount Prospect Cemetery.

I found myself again, at the administration offices of The Botanic Gardens. Echos of time often spotted in the windows, doors and in and around the infamous home.  Stories are told of the ghostly inhabitants, some lay beneath a foundation of shifting bed of bones and coffins. Cell phone in hand, I snapped a few photos, tempting me once again to believe that I do see ghosts.

Examining my photos later on, in one of the photos, to my eye, there is a bearded man in the window holding a baby.  Is it a byproduct of terrific imagination or do I inject my nightmares into a cold case of pareidolia?  Nobody can be the judge of what is to the eye, or what isn’t. Is the image for a moment laying on top of the image or background or is it a trick of the light, or a trick of the tale in laid in deep roots of pareidolia? In my opinion?…. the definition came after the image.




  1. the perception of apparently significant patterns or recognizable images, especially faces, in random or accidental arrangements of shapes and lines